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Expanded Steel Sheet productionc

МеталлоторгOur company has its own expanded steel sheet production of various, most popular grades. Expanded metal is a type of sheet metal which has been cut and stretched to form a regular pattern (often diamond-shaped) of metal mesh-like material. It is used in the manufacture of stairs and steps, various decking and platforms where an anti-slip effect is needed. Such a surface does not retain dirt and water, but it perfectly passes light and air, providing good visibility, which is useful when building various fences. However, expanded steel sheet has sufficient strength to be used in critical metal structures. Such regular pattern of mesh-like sheet is sufficiently plane and resistant to deformation. Expanded Steel Sheet has a lower weight compared to a regular plane sheet, which is more cost-effective. It is possible to use this material at a temperature of minus 65 degrees C. In machine building, perforation is used for bonnet grilles and radiators manufacturing. The expanded steel sheet is used for different artistic purposes. In agriculture, Expanded Metal Sheet is indispensable for sifting rocks and producing containers.

To produce an expanded metal sheet, first cut through the cells of the required size, then stretch the sheet. Thus the expanded mesh is produced. Next, the steel sheet is pressed on a crank type press using special rolls, which flattens it. Cells are placed along the rolling fibers according TU standard.

We make an expanded metal grating. Ready expanded metal sheets are made from 500 to 1250 mm wide. Sheets are manufactured according to specifications of 0971-001-55980712-2012 standard.

Production is carried out from steel sheets in accordance with GOST 14637 (hot-rolled plates) and GOST 16523 (hot-rolled sheets) from carbon steel Ст0, Ст3 according to GOST 380.

МеталлоторгExpanded metal sheet has N of sheet, which is composed of the thickness of the resulting hole and cutter feed. For example, the 406th expanded sheet is made with a metal blank thickness of 4 mm and a cutter feed of 6 mm. The cell spacing of the number 406 is 90 mm, the thickness of the ready product is 12.7 mm, the expanded sheet weight m2 is 15.7 sq. m / kg. Basic data on the expanded metal sheets are to be found in the "Rolled Stock" page of the site "Expanded Steel Sheet". Expanded metal sheet with a thickness of 4 to 6 mm and a cutter feed of 6-10 is always available in stock. On demand production of expanded metal sheets with a thickness of 1 to 6 mm is possible, with a knife feed increment of jumper thickness of 2 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm. The range of expanded sheets in stock are as follows: Expanded Metal Sheet 406, Expanded Metal Sheet 408, Expanded Metal Sheet 506, Expanded Metal Sheet 510 , 608, 610.

Expanded steel sheet is manufactured in warehouses of the Moscow region, in the cities as follows: Lipetsk, Belgorod, Voronezh, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Pyatigorsk, Stavropol, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Saratov.

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Expanded Sheet weight can be found on our website. The Expanded Metal Sheet price per ton is in the price lists. To buy the expanded metal sheet per piece please contact our sales department. You can study on the site the expanded mesh steel sheet parameters: it's dimensions and weight.