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Since June 2006, another metal warehouse of Metallotorg company, located in the Moscow region, at 45 kilometers distance from Moscow at the village of Stolbovaya, Zavodskaya st., 1. Steel and metal warehouse has good access roads from the Simferopol highway and is available for consumers of rolled metal products in the southern part of Moscow and its suburbs. The territory of the warehouse is the industrial zone of the Iron Foundry, which has been established for more than 100 years. In a very short time, the territory of the abandoned factory turned into a well-groomed, planned warehouse of Metallotorg Company. The warehouse has its own railway line. warehouse site, as well as the access area from the street. Factory have a solid concrete and asphalt concrete pavement. Landscaping and gardening works were carried out in the adjacent territory.

Rolled stock at the Chekhovskaya metal warehouse is stored in specially prepared racks at 2 open sites. Sheet rolled products are stored in a covered shop with bridge cranes. Also, in a closed warehouse, we store a square, rectangular pipe, 6.5 mm wire rod, 8 mm 10 mm in coils and rods. Sheets are cut from 2 mm to 12 mm guillotine, and also straightening of reinforcing steel from coils into bars. Metal is sold not only for enterprises, but also for country builders, not only corrugated rebars are shipped, but also smooth, as well as a strip from 20mm, 25mm to 40mm and wider, square 10, 12, 14.16, 20, 50x50 welded mesh , 100x100, welded beam from 70 to 100 B, K and W, a variety of modifications of products such as channel, I-beam, profile steel pipe, rod, hexagonal bar and much more.

On the territory of the warehouse, there is a sales office for ferrous metal and profile pipes, where customers have the opportunity to process documents for receiving a previously paid metal, make an order for the next batch of goods, and payment for the metal is also immediately possible.

For the convenience of shipment of customers in the evening, the warehouse has sufficient lighting and is equipped with security systems and video surveillance. Also in the warehouse the following services are organized: order picking and processing of the rolled stock and pipes by a certain date, delivery of cars and railway. transport. In general, the rolled-stock in Moscow region can be bought on many warehouses, but AO Metallotorg's steel and metal warehouse and store in Chekhov has a wide assortment of metal: these are round bars St3, steel grade 45, steel grade 40Х, St20 and round bar St35, these are rebars St35GS and A500 C, hot-rolled steel sheets St3 and cold-rolled steel sheets St08ps, galvanized steel sheet, corrugated sheet, round pipe dia. 15, 25, 32, 40, 50mm, rolled profile 25,20,30,40x25, 50x25,50x50, and up to 120x100mm, wire mesh. At this Moscow region metal warehouse such metal is being sold as sheet 09G2S for mechanical engineering, beam st3 and st09G2S for builders (for example, beam 20Б1, 25Б1, 35Б1, 30Б1, 40Б1, also beam 25 к1, 30к1, 35 к1, 25ш1, 30ш1,40ш1 , 36m and 45m). The consumer can buy from us and profile pipes, and constructional rolled stock products and carbon steel grades, angle bar channel 8, 10, 12, 14U, 16P, 20, 18, 24, 27, 30 and 40, a hexagonal bar, I-beam and wire rod are available in stock.

We provide rolled-stock to all nearby localities of the region - Kubinka, Golitsino, Krasnoznamensk, Naro-Fominsk, Vnukovo, Selyatino, Aprelevka, Troitsk, Obninsk, Balabanovo, Krasnaya Pakhra, Shishkin Les, Shcherbinka, Podolsk, Dubrovitsy, Klimovsk, Lvivsky, Young Shykin Forest, Shcherbinka, Podolsk, Dubrovitsy, Klimovsk, Lvivsky, Molodyi View Domodedovo, Bronnitsy, Ramenskoye, Lytkarino, Zhukovsky Voskresensk, Agrogorod, Mikhnevo, Barybino, Kolomna, Stupino, Kashira, Ozery, Necklace, Zaraysk, Pushchino, Serpukhov, Protvino, New Life, Proletarian, Chekhov, Dubna, Troitsk, Maloyaroslavets, Vereya, Mozhaisk, Dorokhovo, Kubinka.

We have the opportunity to deliver metal by motor transport to Moscow, the Moscow Region, the Tula Region, the Kaluga Region, the Ryazan Region.

We'll deliver to you the metal rolled stock and shaped pipes, rebars, I-beams and channels in Veshnyaki, Textilschiki, Pechatniki, Vykhino-Zhulebino Kapotnya, Mar'iyno, Lublin, Kuzminki, Brateevo, Nagatinsky Zaton Moskvorechie-Saburovo, Western and Eastern Biryulyovo, Zyuzin, Chertanovo, Kotlovka, Nagorny, Donskoy, Yakimanka, Yasenevo, Teply Stan, Konkovo, Obruchevsky, Cheryomushki, Academic, Haharins'kyi Lomonosovsky, Vernadskii Prospect Troparevo-Nikulino Ochakovo-Matveevskoe, Ramenky, Mazhaysky, feely-Davydkovo, Southern and Northern Butovo, Solntsevo , Peredelkino and other areas of Moscow.

Service Metal Center of the Company "Metallotorg" is located in the village Stolbovaya Chekhov district, near the city of Chekhov.

Металлобаза. Металлоторг Чехов

Chekhov - one of those cities of the Moscow region, which in our opinion is experiencing a rebirth. A surge of interest in it does not interfere even 77 km, separating the city from the capital. Good transport links can significantly reduce travel time for those traveling to the capital to work.

From Moscow here leads Simferopol highway. By bus or minibus to Chekhov can be reached from the metro station "Yuzhnaya". The journey by train from the Kursk railway station or from the Tsaritsyno station takes an hour and a half.
Until 1954, when Chekhov received the status of a city and its present name, it was called Lopasney - after the river on whose banks it originated. Earlier on the site of the city stood the village, mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle of 1175, it belonged to the Trinity-Sergius Monastery.

The name of the city is obliged to Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. The pharmacy opened by him and the building of the post and telegraph department built with his participation, which now houses the Museum of the writer's letters, has been preserved.





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