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LipetskThe city of Lipetsk is located 508 km south of Moscow. Its history began in the 17th century, when the village of Small Studenki Lipetsk existed. On the basis of brown iron ore deposits, by decree of Peter I, iron foundries were built, where guns were made. The settlement was then called the settlement Lipsky Iron Plants, near the village of Lipskoye earned Verkhne-Lipetsk plant. In 1779 Lipskaya (later Lipetsk) settlement was renamed the county town Lipetsk. The factories opened under Peter I were closed in 1795. Metallurgical industry of the city resumed development in the 1930s. On April 6, 1930, the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Economic Council decided that the construction of the Lipetsk Metallurgical Combine should be the primary building, on July 25, 1931, construction began on the foundation pit for the furnaces. The first cast iron was received on November 7, 1934. In 1943 the construction of the Lipetsk Tractor Plant was completed, Lipetsk became the industrial center of the Central Black Earth Region. In memory of the first products of the Lipetsk plant in the Lower Park, a monument in the form of three iron cannons is now located. In our time, the left bank is occupied by industrial zones, the right bank is occupied by residential buildings, the historical center is located here. Major industries in Lipetsk: metallurgy, metalworking, mechanical engineering, chemical, food and furniture industry, production of building materials. Lipetsk is the oldest Russian resort.

Steel and metal warehouse AO “Metallotorg” in the city of Lipetsk began its work in May 2002 in the industrial zone of the Syrsky Rudnik industrial settlement, and the first shipment was made on May 31, 2002. Now the warehouse and office are located on the territory of the former coal warehouse in the Podgornoye village of the Lipetsk region, on the Lipetsk-Voronezh highway. You can see the driving directions to the warehouse in the Lipetsk region on our website or check with the managers, you can issue an invoice from them, request prices from any warehouse of AO Metallotorg.

Our customers can use the following range of services: oxyfuel cutting, and a sheet of guillotine, straightening the rebar into rods from coils, cutting with a band saw, packing sheets with tape. We can deliver metal by truck in Lipetsk, Lipetsk region, Tambov, and the nearest cities of the Central Black Earth Region, as well as organize direct delivery of cars. We move the missing metal from other branches in the European part of Russia.

At the Lipetsk branch warehouse , the range of rolled metal products is gradually increasing, which is represented by:

1. rebars :

- A1 (smooth) GOST 5781 : 6 mm - 25 mm in diameter, rods with a length of 6 m and 11.7 m and in coils;

- corrugated rebars of A500C steel grade according to GOST R 52544-2006, STO ASChM 7-93: diameter of 8mm - 36mm in bars; rebars 35GS (aIII steel grade) according to GOST 5781, with a diameter of 6mm and 8mm,

- heat treated rebar At800 according to GOST 10884: 12mm, 14mm diameter, 10m length; 11.7m; 6.7m; 7.6m;

2. I-beam of GOST 8239 , STO ASChM 20-93: 10, 12, 14, 16, 30B1, 35B1, 40B2;

3. steel round bars GOST 2590 : St20: 16mm - 280mm, according to st3: 14mm - 200mm, according to st40H: 20 - 280mm, according to article 45: 16 - 270 mm;

4. sheets :

- galvanized , GOST 14918: 0.55 - 3.0 mm thick, cut in size 1250 * 2500,

- cold - rolled st08ps according to GOST 16523, TU 14-106-321-2010: 0,5 - 3,0mm thick, cut in size 1250 * 2500,

- g oryachekatany st09G2S (3mm-40mm), st3 (1,5mm - 50mm), GOST 17066, GOST 14637, GOST 19281, GOST 19903,

- corrugated (lentil corrugation) according to GOST 8568: 3mm - 8mm

- Expanded metal sheets: 406, 408, 506, 508, 510,

5. pipes :

- profile according to TU 14-105-737-04, GOST 8639, GOST 8645, GOST 30245, TU 14-105-568-93: dimensions of 15 * 15 * 1.5 - 200 * 200 * 8,

- water gas pipes GOST 3262 (measured by internal diameter): 15 * 2.5 - 50 * 3.5, incl. Estimated GDP: 15 * 2.8 - 50 * 3.5,

- electrowelded GOST 10704 (measured in outer diameter) in st3: 57 * 3.0 - 530-8.0; according to st20 according to GOST 10704, GOST 10705: 273 * 6.0 - 530 * 8.0; including galvanized electric-welded pipes according to TU 14-101-535-2004 and GOST 10704: 57 * 3.5 - 114 * 4.0

6. steel angle GOST 8509 : 25 * 25 * 4 - 200 * 200 * 12

7. channel GOST 8240 : 8P, 8U, 10P, 12P, 14P, 14U, 16P, 16U, 18U, 20P, 20U, 22P, 22U, 24P, 27P, 27U, 30P; shaped channel GOST 8278 : 100 * 50 * 3 - 200 * 80 * 6,

8. hexagonal bar st20 , st35, st45 according to GOST 2879: 19mm - 65mm

9. stripe GOST 103-76 and 103-2006: 20 * 4 - 100 * 10, 6m long,

10. wire BP-1 GOST 6727 : 4mm and 5mm in coils; wire annealed 1,2 mm according to GOST 3282 in coils,

11. a wire mesh of welded wire BP-1 with a pitch cell of 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, wire thickness 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, in cards of 0.5 * 2m and 2m * 6m

12. wire rod st3 GOST 30136 , diameter 6.5 mm, in coils

13. square bar GOST 2591 : 10-50mm, 6m long.

There are Russian and foreign metal-rolls (Ukrainian, Moldavian) at the warehouse in Lipetsk. The certificate is given on all metal. In the Left Bank area of Lipetsk is located Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant, the third largest met. Combine in Russia, which accounts for 14% of steel production, 21% of rolled products. The main supplier of raw materials for the plant is the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (the world's largest iron ore basin) and the Donetsk coal basin. Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine (NLMK) produces cast iron, hot-rolled, cold-rolled, galvanized, transformer, dynamo steel, slabs, and steel with a polymer coating.

In addition to NLMK, metal-roll to the warehouse in Lipetsk comes from the following plants and factories: OAO NMMZ (Nizhneserginsky Hardware Metallurgical), OAO Severstal, OAO Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Combine, OAO ZapSib (West Siberian Metallurgical Combine), OAO Pipe Plant (the city of Ivanteevka), Belorussky Metallurgical Plant, RUP, Moldavian Metallurgical Plant, ZAO, NLMK-Kaluga OOO, Metinvest Eurasia OOO, Ashinsky Metallurgical Plant OAO, Mariupol Metallurgical Combine OAO. Illich ”, ZAO“ Omutninsky Metallurgical Plant ”, OAO“ Oskolsky Electrometallurgical Plant ”, OAO“ Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Works ”, OAO“ Ural Steel ”(OAO Nosta), OAO“ Izhstal ”, OOO Isaevsky Machine-Building Plant, ZAO“ Westmet Voronezh ” ", OAO" Taganrog Metallurgical Plant ", ZAO" Naberezhnye Chelny Pipe Plant "TEM-PO", PAO "MK" Azovstal ", PAO" EVRAZ DMZ them. Petrovsky ", OAO" Metallurgical Plant. A.K. Serov.

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