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New positions in our product range: Steel Sheet Art. 09G2S 2 mm
Riffled sheet 10mm
Galvanized steel sheet 2.5 mm
Galvanized steel sheet 1.2 mm
Galvanized wire 1.8 mm
Galvanized wire 2 mm
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St. Petersburg

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The branch in St. Petersburg began its work in August 2001 at the leased site in the Parnas industrial zone. The office and warehouse were separated from each other, which significantly influenced the quality of service of the continuously growing number of customers. In this regard, it was decided to place the warehouse and office in the same area. In September 2002, the company moved to the industrial zone "Kolomyagi" and is located next to the Asphalt-Concrete Manufacture Plant on the territory of Lenkotloprom at the street Marshal Novikov, d. 42. And from January 2011, a new service metal center in the Leningrad Region began operating at Tosnensky District, pos. Fornosovo, Pavlovskoe Highway 32. Steel and metal warehouse has convenient access roads both from the Tosno and Moskovsky highways, and from Pushkino, Pavlovsk, Fedorovskoye, as well as the bypass ring road A120. In the open area there are two gantry cranes of 10 and 12 tonnes carrying capacity.

Our steel and metal warehouse constantly supports the main assortment of metal, such as rebars 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm st 35GS and A500S, wire rod, smooth bar (rebars A1), strip 20x4, 30x4, 30x6 , 40x4, 50x4, 50x5, 50x8, 60x5, 60x6, 60x10, 80x6, 80x8, 80x10mm, 100x10mm, square bar 10, 12, 14, 16, 20mm, sheet st10HSND, st 09G2S, corrugated sheet, galvanized sheet, sheet 08PS (Lipetsky ), pipe 20x20, 30x30, 40x40mm, 50x50mm, 60x60mm, 80x80 mm, 100x100 mm and other square and rectangular pipes. Also in St. Petersburg, we have a round water and gas pipe 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 and the electric-welded pipe from 57 to 159 with different wall thickness. In addition, the metal on the Neva at Metallotorg is presented: hexagonal bar, round bars st35, round bar st45, round bar st3 and other structural steel and carbon steel grades.


Rolled-stock in Metallotorg is stored in specially prepared racks. Cellular accounting of metal allows you to avoid problems with the transfer of goods, and also provides fast shipping of metal to customers. We constantly supply and store a square pipe, rectangular pipe, 6.5 mm rod, 8 mm 10 mm in coils and rods. It also unwinds rebar from coils into bars. The sale of metal is carried out not only for enterprises, but also for country builders, and not only corrugated rebar, but also smooth, welded mesh 50x50, 100x100. A sales office for ferrous metal and pipes is located on the territory of the warehouse, where customers have the opportunity to process documents for receiving a previously paid metal, make an order for the next batch of goods, and payment for metal is also immediately possible.

For the convenience of shipment of customers in the evening, the warehouse has sufficient lighting and is equipped with security systems and video surveillance. The following types of services are also organized at the steel and metal warehouse: order picking and processing of the rolled stock and pipes by a certain date, delivery of cars and railway. transport. Rolled stock can be ordered with delivery from our nearest branches in Moscow; but there is a wide range of metal at Metallotorg metal warehouses in St. Petersburg: these are round bars St3, steel grade 45, steel grade 40Х, St20 and round bar St35, these are rebars St35GS and A500 C, hot-rolled steel sheets St3 and cold-rolled steel sheets St08ps, galvanized steel sheet, corrugated sheet, round pipe dia. 15, 25, 32, 40, 50mm, rolled profile 25,20,30,40x25, 50x25,50x50, and up to 120x100mm, wire mesh. Such metal as sheet 09G2S for mechanical engineering, beam st3 and st09G2S for builders (for example, beam 20Б1, 25Б1, 35Б1, 30Б1, 40Б1, also beam 25 к1, 30к1, 35 к1, 25ш1, 30ш1 40sh1,36m and 45m). The consumer can buy from us pipes, and metal-roll structural and carbon steel grades, angle bar channel 8, 10, 12, 14U, 16P, 20, 18, 24, 27, 30 and 40, there is a hexagonal bar available in stock.

We provide rolled-stock all nearby settlements of the region.

We have the opportunity to deliver metal by road to the Pskov region, the Vologda region, the Novgorod region, the Arkhangelsk region and the Komi Republic; usually we carry in those directions periodic and smooth rebar A400C, A500C, heat-hardened rebar AT-800; area 25, 32, 50, 63, 75; hot-rolled steel sheets from 2 mm and up to 100 mm. With the help of us, you can form modular wagons in Karelia and the Murmansk region, where you can hardly find such a wide range of rolled metal and pipes like ours. We will deliver to you the metal rolled stock and pipes, rebars and channels to the city of Velikie Luki, Pskov, Veliky Novgorod, Valdai, Bologoe, Kondopoga, Kotlas, Ukhta, Onega, Plesetsk, Nyandoma, Konoshha, Velsk, Petrozavodsk, Arkhangelsk, Belomorsk, Kandalaksha, Apatityat Murmansk.

Service Metal Center Department of the company "Metallotorg" is located in the Leningrad region.

Fornosovo - urban settlement in Tosnensky district of the Leningrad region of Russia. The administrative center of Fornosovsky urban settlement. Railway station Novolissino. Fornosovo emerged in 1948 as a working village for the development of peat deposits and the construction of a peat briquette plant. The name of the village comes from Fornosova bog, located south-west of the village and is a large peat deposit.

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