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New positions in our product range: Steel Sheet Art. 09G2S 2 mm
Riffled sheet 10mm
Galvanized steel sheet 2.5 mm
Galvanized steel sheet 1.2 mm
Galvanized wire 1.8 mm
Galvanized wire 2 mm
Galvanized wire 2.5 mm
Galvanized wire 3 mm
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Steel and metal warehouse in Lobnya

металлобаза в лобнеThe company "Metallotorg" has a large network of metal warehouses and branches in the central region of Russia. Steel and metal warehouse in Lobnya is the largest branch, the work of our company began with it. Sale of metal is the main activity of our company. A wide range of products that can be found in our warehouse meets the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

The range of rolled-stock in the warehouse of Lobnya branch:

Attention customers wishing to purchase rolled-stock in Lobnya offers a wide selection of ferrous metal. You can buy metal from us wholesale and retail. Any type of metal is sold from 1 piece. More information about the cost of metal and its availability in our warehouse in Lobnya you can see in the price list


In the warehouse of Lobnya branch a wide range of various constructional rebars is always in stock. The most popular in large and small construction was and is the A500C 12, 10mm rebar . Here you can buy it at any time, and in any quantity. These rebars are widely used in the construction of residential and industrial buildings and structures. It is produced both in bars with a length of 11.7m and in coils. At the steel and metal warehouse in Lobnya, the entire assortment of this metal, any type and any steel grade is widely provided. It is always available in the sale of corrugated rebars of grade A-3 steel of the grades A500C A400C, 35GS, 25G2S 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 32. 36, 40mm. Smooth rebars of grade A-1 steel 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25 mm. High-strength reinforcing steel bar AT800 10, 12, 14,16mm. In more detail about types of rebars, its application, state standard specifications you can look in the section rolled-stock rebars

металлобаза в лобне

Wire. Welded wire mesh. Wire rod.

Binding wire has a wide range of applications in construction, due to its mechanical properties. Its main purpose is to link construction rebars, also used for the manufacture of mesh, cables, ropes. In our warehouse in Lobnya, you can buy binding wire 0.8, 1.2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm. You can learn more detailed information from our managers. Wire price, see price. The wire BP-1 3, 4, 5mm is mainly used in the manufacture of masonry mesh, it is also widely used in the reinforcement of small reinforced concrete structures. Wire rod . Used mainly for metal packaging, for the production of welding wire and electrodes. It is made from steel 0, st1, st2, st3 and with a diameter from 5 to 10 mm. The welded mesh is supplied mainly in sheets and rolls, the maximum width is 2m, length is 2, 3 or 6m. It is also used in the reinforcement of reinforced concrete floors, pouring floors, platforms. You can buy a welded mesh wholesale and retail from 1pc in dimensions 50 * 50 * 3/4 (0.5 * 2), 100 * 100 * 4/5 (2 * 3), (2 * 6), 150 * 150 * 4 (2 * 3), (2 * 6) For more detailed information on the types of this rolled-stock on its use, see the rolled-stock wire page. Welded wire mesh. Wire rod.


I-beam is the main element of metal used in the manufacture of large metal structures, bridge structures, column metal structures, supports, for floors in large and small construction. I-beam is made with parallel edges of the flanges according to the STO ASMCH 20-93 and with a slope of the internal edges of the flanges according to GOST 8239-89 Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Combine (NLMK) Index B - normal, sizes from 10B to 60B K index - column, sizes from 10K to 60K Index Ш - wide flanges, sizes from 10Ш to 60Ш Without an index, GOST 8239-89 10,12,14,16,18,20, etc. Index M - special beams GOST 19425-89 24M, 30M, 36M, 45M

СWelded beam

Our company is engaged in the production and sale of welded beams. The manufacture of welded beams is fully automated and carried out on imported equipment in full compliance with existing regulatory documents. In detail about the I-beam and welded beam in the section of metal-roll beam welded.

Channel. Angle bar.

The steel channel is widely used in construction, mechanical engineering, machine-tool construction. Produced according to GOST 8240-97 with parallel flanges —Indatch II, and with a slope of the sides of the flanges — the index U. from 5 to 40 cm. Also, a angle bar of steel , which is in full assortment at our warehouse in Lobnya , occupies a great popularity in the construction and manufacture of metal structures .

The pipe is profile. TVG TPP. Seamless Pipe

металлобаза в лобне The application of a profile pipe, a square, rectangular pipe is quite diverse, it covers many different industries. It is widely used in the manufacture of metal structures, mechanical engineering, furniture production, industrial and civil construction, in the construction of hangars, trade pavilions, advertising structures. At the metal warehouse in Lobnya you can buy profile steel pipe from 15 * 15 to 300 * 300mm. Water and gas pipes - the most common application of these pipes in the construction of water pipes, gas pipelines, heating systems. Ferrous metal and galvanized water and gas pipes are made, the size is specified in inches. You can buy a TVG pipe from 15 to 50 inches from us. The pipe is electrowelded . Basically, this pipe is used for pipelines installation, construction of pipeline systems, heating networks. Electric welded pipes (ERW pipes) with diameters from 57 to 426 of carbon steel and galvanized steel are available. Seamless pipe . The range of this pipe is also widely represented at our metal warehouse. Pipes with a diameter of 45 to 426mm are available. For more information about the pipes of their production and use, steel grades, GOST, you can look in the section metal-pipe.

Cold rolled sheet. Hot rolled sheet. Galvanized sheet. Corrugated sheet . .

We make shipment of any sheet of interest from a warehouse in Lobnya. Cold-rolled sheet 0.5 to 3.0 mm; hot-rolled sheet 1.5 to 120mm; galvanized sheet 0.5 to 3.0mm; corrugated sheet 2.0 to 10 mm; sheet st09G2S 2.0 to 120mm; sheet st10HSND 3.0 to 80mm; Sheet St20 2.0 up to 80mm, Sheet St45 2.0 to 80mm, Expanded Steel Sheet 406, 408, 506, 508, 510, 610. The scope of application of sheets is very wide: automotive, engineering, shipbuilding, car building, production of household appliances, construction of industrial and civil facilities, the production of welded structures and much more.

Steel round bar. Hexagonal Bar. Strip.

The application of the round bar is so wide that you can enumerate to infinity. The first is the production of various parts used in mechanical engineering. Used as a blank for the manufacture of seamless pipes, the production of tools and fasteners, in construction, etc. ... You can buy a round bar of st20, st20H, st3, st35, st40X, st45, st09G2S, st18HGT, st30HGSA steel grades and diameter from 12 to 340mm from our managers. Steel Hexagonal Bar is mainly used for the manufacture of fasteners (nuts, bolts), machine parts and mechanisms in the automotive industry. In our warehouse you will find a hexagonal bar of St20, St35, St35calibrated, St40x, St45, steel strip 20x4 to 120x8. For more information about the availability and price, see the price list metal. We guarantee high quality of all our products. All assortment of metal has a certificate of quality. The main suppliers of metal to our warehouses are Russian manufacturing plants. These are Severstal (Cherepovets), Evraz (Zapsib and Tagil), Vyksa, Tagmet, Azovstal and others.

Our customers can use a number of additional services::

Metal delivery;
Guillotine cutting;
Cutting with a band saw;
straightening of coils into rods;
Rolled stock order picking;
oxyfuel cutting;
Cutting machine detachable.

ДTo buy metal you can call our manager
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