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The Republic of Dagestan is the southern outpost of Russia. A small mountainous multinational republic with a pronounced national color is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea, on which is the only non-freezing international trade port of the Russian Federation. The nearest neighbors of the RD are Georgia, Azerbaijan, Chechnya, the Stavropol Territory and the Republic of Kalmykia.

The capital of Dagestan, Makhachkala, is the cultural and economic center of the republic.

The history of the origin of Makhachkala is directly connected with the name of Peter the Great. He visited the place where the Dagestan capital is located, on August 8, 1722, during his Persian sea voyage along the western coast of the Caspian Sea. Then the king ordered to build a port here, but the city was born more than a century later. In 1844, with the construction of the port, the Petrovskoye military fortification arose in honor of Peter the Great’s stay in Dagestan. Initially, the city was named Port Petrovsk.

The renaming of the pre-revolutionary Port-Petrovsk to Makhachkala occurred in the early 20s of the twentieth century, in honor of one of the leaders of the struggle for the establishment of Soviet power in Dagestan, Makhach Dakhadaev. "Kala" translates as "fortress".

Nowadays Makhachkala is a big city with a population of about 1 million people.

Metal warehouse in Makhachkala was opened in May 2009, and is located at: Kaspiysk, Kirpichnoye Highway, 13 "B". Geographically, the warehouse is located not far from the Makhachkala-Kaspiysk highway, towards the airport, in the buildings of the Caspian-Expo exhibition center, near the Ministry of Agriculture. For 5 years of work, the Makhachkala warehouse has developed good partnerships with our customers, whom we fully provide with rolled metal products and provide high-level services:

- we will cut the metal to the size of the customer, with gas or a cutting machine,

- we will load in the open car the crane,

- we deliver to the client's facility a 12 meter or short vehicle,

- put the metal directly from the factory,

- unwind rebar coils into rods (mostly 6m each),

- move the desired metal from one warehouse to another,

- after loading right there in the office we will arrange all the documents, provide certificates as a guarantee of quality for the whole metal.

There is a constant supply of the following metal products at the steel and metal warehouse in Makhachkala:

- rebars,

- sheet

- I-beam,

- channel,

- angle bar,

- round bars

- pipes round and profile,

- square bar

- stripes

- wire.

At the Makhachkala warehouse construction rebars are always available in stock: smooth and corrugated. Smooth rebars - this is A1 steel grade, comes in coils and bars, profile thickness 10mm and 12mm. Corrugated (periodic) rebars - A500C steel grade, thickness 8mm - 28mm. The rebar comes to the warehouse from ZAO Moldavskiy Metallurgical Plant, Abinsk Electric Steel Works, Ltd, OAO Zapsib, OAO Nizhneserginsk Hardware-Metallurgical Plant, OAO BMZ - UKH BMK according to GOST 5781-82, STO ASChM 7 -93, GOST R 52544-2006.

We offer sheets of hot-rolled and cold-rolled, galvanized and corrugated. Cold- rolled sheets are represented by grade 08ps, thickness 1.5mm, according to GOST 19904, GOST 16523. Hot-rolled sheets (1.5 - 25 mm thick) are produced according to st3 (ordinary building steel) and st09G2S (low-alloy steel) according to GOST 19903, GOST 16523, GOST 14637; Corrugated sheets (lentils, thickness 4-5 mm) - according to GOST 8568. Factories-producers of sheet metal at the Makhachkala warehouse: Novolipetsk Iron and Steel Works OAO, Ashinsky Metallurgical Plant OAO, Severstal OAO.

The I-beam comes from the Enakievo Steel Plant OAO according to GOST 8239, other types can be ordered from other warehouses.

Round long steel products - hot rolled steel according to GOST 2590, with a diameter of 12mm - 30mm is supplied with OAO OEMK, OAO Severstal. 6.5mm wire rod is sold in coils and rods according to GOST 30136-95, produced by West Siberian Metallurgical Plant OAO, Nizhneserginsk Hardware-Metallurgical Plant OAO, West Siberian Metallurgical Plant OAO.

The square bar available is mainly 12mm and 16mm according to GOST 2591 with ZAO Omutninsky Metallurgical Plant, Izhstal OAO. Strip according to st3, GOST 103: 25mm wide, 4mm thick - also mainly from Ukraine (Omutninsky plant). Annealed wire., 1.2 mm thick, in coils, according to GOST 3282 - with OAO Severstal-Metiz.

Profile pipes , manufactured according to the standards: GOST 8639, GOST 8645, GOST 30245, TU 14-105-737-04, at the plants: OAO Severstal, OOO Production Company DIA, come in sizes: 15 * 15 * 1.5 - 100 * 60 * 4.

Water and gas pipes with a conditional passage of 15-50 mm with different walls (2.5-3.5 mm) come in accordance with GOST 3262-75 from OOO DIA Production Company and OAO Taganrog Metallurgical Plant. Electrowelded pipes with an outer diameter of 57 - 216 mm are the same manufacturers as water and gas pipelines.

The supply of steel angle 25 * 25 * 4 - 200 * 200 * 16 according to GOST 8509 takes place from AO West-Siberian Metallurgical Plant, PAO ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih and OAO Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant.

The channel is delivered: 50 mm in height - 220 mm in accordance with GOST 8240 with OAO West-Siberian Metallurgical Plant, PAO Azovstal Iron-and-Steel Company and other combines.

To clarify the availability of rolled-stock you are interested in, the range, price, location map to the warehouse, you can on our website. More detailed information will be given by the managers of the company AO Metallotorg, they can also issue an invoice and order delivery from any branch.

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