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Steel pipe - prices updated 28.11.2018 to 8:59

Steel pipe is available in our various branches, you can choose the branch you need, the type and size of products and order online:

Presents the actual prices for metal. Steel pipe is available in our various branches, you can choose the branch you need, the type and size of products and order online. Attention Prices are subject to prepayment! There is a surcharge for a batch of less than 1 ton, more details from the manager.

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Steel pipe - техническая информация:

Characterization and definition of steel pipe

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The steel pipe is a hollow cylindrical product having a greater length, as compared with the section. Carbon steel, alloyed steel and stainless steel are used to make this product.

In Russia, a round pipe is produced: Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant OAO, Ural Pipe Plant OAO, Pervouralsky Novotrubny Plant OAO, Izhorsky Pipe Plant ZAO, Royal Pipe Plant ZAO UHK, Taganrog Metallurgical Plant OAO, Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant OAO, OAO Severstal, OAO Seversky Pipe Plant, OOO Izhorskaya Trubnaya Company, OOO Production Company DIA, OOO Togliatti Profile and Pipe Plant.

We also supply pipe BSh pipe from Ukraine: OOO Interpipe Niko Tube

The main manufactured range of steel pipes

- Seamless pipes according to GOST 8731, seamless cold-deformed pipes according to GOST 8734 and TU 14-3-474
- Electrowelded pipes according to GOST 10704, according to GOST 10705, according to GOST 10706, TU 14-3-1698-90
- Pipes water pipeline according to GOST 3262-75
- Trunk pipes according to GOST 20295



Depending on the application, the pipes are distinguished:

1. in the oil and gas industry:

- drill pipe for well drilling
- casing pipes - to protect the walls of oil and gas wells from destruction, water ingress into the wells, to separate the oil and gas reservoirs
- tubing-for the operation of wells in oil production

2. in construction

3. for pipelines:

- water and gas lines

4. in mechanical engineering

-boiler tubes
-cracking pipes - for pumping oil products under high pressure
-construction pipes - for the manufacture of various machine parts

5. for the production of vessels and cylinders

The size of the outer diameter (DN) metal pipes have following types:
small size (capillary): 0.3 -4.8 mm
small sizes: 5-102 mm
- medium size: 102-426mm
- large sizes: more than 426mmм

According to the ratio of the outer diameter (Dн) to the thickness of the pipe wall steel grades:


According to the method of production distinguish round tubes ::

1. seamless - according to GOST 8731, GOST 8732, GOST 8733, GOST 8734 (outer diameter of pipes 1 - 820 mm, special purpose - 1420 mm)

a) rolled, hot and cold
b) cold-formed in warm and cold states
c) extruded from ingots and tubular blanks

2. welded - according to GOST 10704, GOST 10705, GOST 10707, GOST 3262, GOST 8639, GOST 8645, GOST 8642 (outer diameter of pipes is 8-1620 mm, special purpose - up to 2500 mm and more; from sheet and strip steel with preforming to presses or molding mills):

a) rolled, hot and cold
b) electric resistance
c) gas and electric welding

cast pipes (outer diameter 50-1000mm) - produced by pipe-making machines

For galvanized pipe there is no separate standard and its range. But according to GOST 3262 and for longitudinal electric-welded pipes, galvanizing is provided, any pipe produced by any technology can be galvanized.


Metal pipes are distinguished::
- small diameter (up to 114 mm))
- average diameter (114 - 480 mm)
- large diameter (480 - 2500mm and more)

Metal pipes

Product Name








Thick wall

5,5 - 9

0,18 - 0,12



9,1 - 20

0,12 — 0,05


Thin-walled tubes

20,1 - 50

0,05 - 0,02


Very thin walled




Buy a pipe

With us you can purchase metal pipe of all types produced from the warehouses of branches, 3x warehouses of the Moscow region or directly from the factory. We provide services for cutting, delivery and configuration of the pipe. Availability, range and price of the pipe you can see on the website. You should also bear in mind that the price of the metal depends on the required quantity. For more information on the price of a pipe per 1 meter or a piece, specify the weight, size of the pipe and calculate the quantity, draw up an invoice and make a request, clarify payment options and request a certificate on a pipe - it is possible at the manager, having contacted you by phone

(8452) 57-00-18,  e-mail: korneev@metallotorg.ru

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