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New positions in our product range: Steel Sheet Art. 09G2S 2 mm
Riffled sheet 10mm
Galvanized steel sheet 2.5 mm
Galvanized steel sheet 1.2 mm
Galvanized wire 1.8 mm
Galvanized wire 2 mm
Galvanized wire 2.5 mm
Galvanized wire 3 mm
Galvanized wire 4 mm
Galvanized wire 6 mm

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The Kaluga branch of the Russian company AO Metallotorg was founded on January 9, 1999. Initially, shipment was made from the rented warehouse of Kalugaagrosnab. An office was also rented on the same territory. With the growth in sales, the rented warehouse ceased to meet our requirements, and it was decided to build our own metal warehouse with a larger area.

Место для строительства выбрали так, чтобы база имела хорошие подъездные пути, как из центра города, так и с Киевского шоссе (направление Тула - Орел- Брянск).

They chose a place for construction so that the warehouse had good access roads, both from the city center and from the Kievskoye highway (direction Tula - Orel-Bryansk).

Since August 01, 2004 A new steel and metal warehouse , located in the Zheleznyaki district, in the established industrial zone, on the territory of the former enterprise “Aromosintez”, began work Since May 2016, our branch has changed the address and moved to the district of Malinniki (village Kukareki) on the territory of the former metal warehouse Kalugametaltorg on the street Pronchishcheva, 25.

Металлобаза. Металлоторг. Калуга. Metal warehouse in Kaluga is an open area, 2 gantry cranes, a platform for straightening coil rebars into a bar, a railway line for receiving and loading wagons, a shop for steel structures. All this contributes to the operational work of loading and unloading metal to customers. Our warehouse additionally has covered areas that increase the safety of galvanized and cold rolled sheet, roll-formed profile pipe of small diameters.

The range of rolled-stock in warehouse of Kaluga branch:

For customers wishing to purchase rolled-stock in Kaluga, we offer a wide selection of both ferrous metal rolled stock and galvanized sheet. At our dump store you can buy metal wholesale and retail . Any type of metal is sold from 1 piece. For more information about the cost, range and its availability in our warehouse in Kaluga, you can see in our price list.

At the steel and metal warehouse in Kaluga , the main range of metal products is constantly maintained:

- rebar A500S 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28m, 32mm, 36mm;
- rebar A1 St3 6mm; 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm; 18mm; 20mm; 22mm; 25mm
- Rods 6.5mm and 8mm (in coils and rods);
- Wire BP -1 3.8mm; 4mm, 4.8mm; 5mm (ALARMS);
- Strip 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80mm;
- Square bar 10, 12, 14, 16, 20mm;
- Hot-rolled sheet St3 and St09G2S: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm;
Corrugated sheet (with a lentil corrugation) t. 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm;
- Лист оцинкованный НЛМК 0.55мм, 0.7мм, 0.8мм, 1.0мм, 1.2мм, 1.5мм, 2.0мм, 2.5мм, 3.0мм;
- Galvanized sheet NLMK 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm;
Cold rolled metal sheet 08PS 0.5mm -3mm;
round bars st 20 , , st.3, p.45, st40X with a diameter of 12mm, 14mm, 16mm-32mm, 35mm-50mm, 55mm-90mm, 100-140mm, 150-200mm (with the possibility of shipment from the meter with diameter f80mm);
- Water and gas pipes, electric-welded pipes (manufactured by Korolev pipe plant, Sheksna plant and other manufacturers 15mm-108mm;
Square profile pipe from 15x15x15mm to 140x140x5mm;
angle bar ; steel size from 25x25x4mm 125h125h10mm
- Channel St3 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 27, 30.
- Hex St35 with 12mm to 55mm

Shaped steel pipe

Металлобаза. Металлоторг. Калуга. Profile pipes have long been widely used in various industries. Most often they are used in the construction and decoration of shops, shopping centers, during repairs. By the type of section distinguish rectangular and square roll-formed profile pipes. Pipe marking indicates cross section dimensions and wall thickness.

On Stock Kaluga You can purchase pipes of the following manufacturers: OAO Severstal, ZAO Naberezhnye Chelny Pipe Plant, OAO Pipe Plant, Korolev.

According to the production method, the following types of roll-formed profile pipes are distinguished:
- electrowelded;
- electric cold-deformed;
- hot rolled;
- cold-deformed;

The use of each type of profile pipes due to their specific properties and the requirements of each specific industry, you can get acquainted with the range and get advice on the availability and prices at the metal warehouse in Kaluga

Manufacturing technology of profile pipes :

Production can be carried out using both cold and hot deformation. Profile pipes are manufactured by the above methods of line welding and electric-welding pipes. A blank is taken (the so-called “skelp”), a round pipe of the calculated size is bent and welded. After that, depending on the requirements of the standard used by the manufacturer of the pipe, the welds are inspected for non-destructible welds. To relieve internal mechanical stresses, if required by the standard, heat treatment is carried out.

Steel grades that are used for the production of shaped pipes:

- Sali of St2kp, St2ps, St2sp, St4kp, St4ps, St4sp grades - according to state standard 380;
- Steel grades 08kp, 10ps, 10, 20, 35, 45 - according to the state standard 1050. .

At the metal warehouse in Kaluga, you can purchase Profile pipes with sizes ranging from 15x15 mm to 160x160 mm with wall thicknesses from 1.5mm to 10 mm. The length of the measuring pipe is either 6m, or 9m, or 10.5m, or 12 meters, depending on GOST or TU, which the profile steel pipe is manufactured by.

Since the main field of application of profile pipes is the manufacture of building metal structures, they can be found in various areas of modern construction. For example, profile pipes are used for installation (repair, strengthening) of building frames, supports of various types and purposes, masts, complex ceilings, spans, and so on. Profile pipes can withstand significant mechanical and vibration loads. At the same time, the profile pipe can also be used at less critical construction sites, for example, for fencing.


I-beams are manufactured according to GOST 8239-89, GOST 19425-74, GOST 26020-83, STO ASChM 20-93 from low-alloyed grades of steel for construction purposes, usually st3 or 09G2S. The largest producer of the beam in the Russian Federation is Nizhniy Tagil Iron and Steel Works (OAO "NTMK")

I-beams are labeled according to their size and purpose.

БB - normal
W - wide flanges
K - column
M - monorail

Warehouses of AO Metallotorg have the full range of I-beams
Вы можете купить у нас любые Двутавровые балки, а именно:

Beams of GOST 8239-89: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20
Monorail beams to GOST 19425-74: 24M, 30M, 36M, 45M
Normal beams to GOST 26020-83: 10B1, 12B1, 14B1, 16B1, 18B1
Beams normal STO ASChM 20-93: 20B1, 25B1, 25B2, 30B1, 30B2, 35B1, 35B2, 40B1, 40B2, 45B1, 45B2, 50B1.50B2, 55B1,55B2, 60B1,60B2
Wide-flanged beams STO ASChM 20-93: 20Sh1,25Sh1, 30Sh1, 30Sh2, 35Sh1, 35Sh2, 40Sh1, 40Sh2, 45Sh1, 50Sh1, 50SH2, 50Sh3, 50Sh4
Column beams STO ASChM 20-93: 20K1,20K2, 25K1, 25K2, 30K1, 30K2, 35K1, 35K2, 40K1, 40K2, 40K3, 40K4
40К3, 40К4

In addition, our organization is engaged in the manufacture of welded I-beams in its own workshop for the production of metal structures. Welded beams are used in cases when structures are necessary, the bearing capacity and rigidity of which exceed the capabilities of beams manufactured by the rolling method.


Rebar - is one of the types of hot-rolled steel having a circular periodic or smooth profile in cross section.
The main scope of application of rebar is construction - rebar is used as the basis for the construction of reinforced concrete structures ( house foundation , monolithic construction, production of concrete goods)

We offer for sale from a warehouse in Kaluga a wide choice of various construction rebars of any steel grade. There are always commercially available corrugated rebars of steel grade A 3, grade A500C with a diameter of 6-40 mm, as well as smooth rebars of A1 steel grade with a diameter of 6-25 mm. Quickly, under your order, we will put high-strength rebars of the AT800 steel grade 10-16mm, as well as St35GS, 25G2S. Sale is carried out with delivery to any region of Russia.

  The company AO Metallotorg cooperates with such manufacturers of rebars as OAO West-Siberian Metallurgical Plant, OAO Nizhneserginsky Hardware-Metallurgical Plant, OAO Severstal, OOO BMZ.

Our rebars have passed the necessary tests for strength, environmental friendliness and durability and has quality certificates. We guarantee you reliability and quality at reasonable prices.

The cold-rolled sheet, hot-rolled sheet, galvanized sheet, corrugated sheet, Expanded Steel Sheet..

Металлобаза. Металлоторг. Калуга.In the constant availability of a metal warehouse in Kaluga, a sheet of various grades of steel - st3, st09G2S, st08ps - cold-rolled sheets from 0.5 to 3.0 mm;
- hot-rolled sheet 1.5 to 50mm;
- galvanized sheet 0.55mm to 3.0mm;
- corrugated sheet 3.0 to 8 mm;
- sheet 09G2S t.2.0 to 40mm;
- Expanded Steel Sheet 406, 408, 506, 508, 510, 610.

The sheets produced by manufacturers are divided into several categories, based directly on the method of their production and the technologies used in their manufacture. It is cold rolled, hot rolled , galvanized and expanded metal sheet (own production).

Hot-rolled steel sheet is used mainly for the manufacture of welded, riveted or bolted structures. The main areas where the Expanded Steel Sheet is widely used are street fences, steps for stairs and much more. The most popular material on the market today is galvanized sheet . Its universal characteristics are determined by the wide choice of thickness and size. Galvanized steel sheet is the best option for the production of such building material as corrugated sheet, which is very popular in construction today.

Such a constantly maintained assortment of rolled-stock in Kaluga allows the consumer to save money and time by purchasing all the necessary metal at one steel and metal warehouse. There is an office in the same territory with a metal warehouse, which allows customers to execute documents immediately after loading (both wholesale and retail from one piece ).

Our customers can use a number of additional services:

- Metal cutting to size
- Packing sheet in bundles
- Delivery of metal and pipes by road in Kaluga, Kaluga region and the cities of Obninsk, Balabanovo, Maloyaroslavets, Lyudinovo.

Our company will deliver not only from the Kaluga metal warehouse, but also from all our neighboring metal warehouses, located in Tula, Bryansk, Moscow, Orel, Kursk.

Metal warehouse and store in Kaluga works with almost all major plants in the region, such as: Kaluga Turbine Works OAO, Kaluga Telegraph Equipment Plant, Kaluga Engine OAO, Remputmash State Unitary Enterprise, Kalugapribor FSUE and many others.

Rolled-stock on our steel and metal warehouses is mainly Russian: this is Severstal (Cherepovets), and Evraz (Zapsib and Tagil) - rebars, beam, channel, sheet Lipetsk, Vyksa, strip and square bars of Omutninskaya, Tagmet's pipes, but there is also Ukrainian metal rolled stock: Sheet St3 and 09G2S - Mariupol and Azovstal, Moldavian A500 and AT800 rebars are also available.

All branches (warehouses and offices) are interconnected via a single computer network, which allows any of our sales manager to receive accurate and complete information about the availability of rolled-stock in all company warehouses in real time

We guarantee our customers the high quality of all our products. All assortment of metal has a certificate of quality. The main suppliers of metal to our warehouses are Russian manufacturing plants. These are NLMK, Severstal (Cherepovets), Evraz (Zapsib and Tagil), Vyksa, Tagmet, Azovstal, OEMK, Korolevsky Pipe Works PLant and others.

In order to buy rolled-stock in Kaluga
, you can call our manager
by phone: (4842) 55-55-95 order a call back or leave a request

(4842) 55-55-65; (4842) 55-55-20; (4842) 55-55-06; (4842) 54-86-51.

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