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Channel Bar - prices updated 28.11.2018 to 8:59

Channel Bar is available in our various branches, you can choose the branch you need, the type and size of products and order online:

Presents the actual prices for metal. Channel Bar is available in our various branches, you can choose the branch you need, the type and size of products and order online. Attention Prices are subject to prepayment! There is a surcharge for a batch of less than 1 ton, more details from the manager.

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Product Name Size Length Other Weight
1 PC/kg.
On stock
1 PC
1 - 5 tons
Price от
5 - 15 tons
> 15 tons
Channel 10 скидка 103.080 0.10 2875.93 27900 27900 27900 Chekhov-Moscow
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Channel 10 скидка 13.744 0.05 410.95 29900 29900 29900 Череповец
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Channel 10 скидка 106.800 0.53 3257.40 30500 30500 30500 Ryazan
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Channel 10 скидка 108.222 0.11 2694.73 24900 24900 24900 Vladikavkaz
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Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 106.190 27.55 4534.33 40500 40300 40200 Yaroslavl
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Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 106.000 39.54 4557.98 40500 40300 40200 Chekhov-Moscow
 т.  Add
Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 106.271 36.04 4537.76 40500 40300 40200 Череповец
 т.  Add
Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 104.604 7.41 4581.66 41600 41400 41300 Cheboksary
 т.  Add
Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 104.334 25.73 4455.06 40500 40300 40200 Ufa
 т.  Add
Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 108.936 64.32 4684.25 40500 40300 40200 Ulyanovsk
 т.  Add
Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 105.143 170.53 4573.71 40500 40300 40200 Elektrougli
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Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 103.471 12.73 4449.26 40500 40300 40200 Tula
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Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 106.876 83.65 4595.65 40500 40300 40200 Moscow-Lobnya
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Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 103.404 17.07 4446.37 40500 40300 40200 Lipetsk
 т.  Add
Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 103.080 9.36 4504.60 41500 41300 41200 Kursk
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Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 107.000 13.38 4601.02 40500 40300 40200 Kaluga
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Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 104.880 81.96 4509.84 40500 40300 40200 Kazan
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Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 104.749 5.61 4336.62 40500 40300 40200
 т.  Add
Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 106.000 6.13 4557.98 40500 40300 40200 Voronezh
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Channel 10П (12,0м) GOST 8240-97 106.909 21.72 4329.82 40500 40300 40200
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Channel Bar - техническая информация:

Characteristic of a channel bar

View price - channel bar

Metal channel bar — one of the most popular types of rolled stock, is the basis in the supporting structure for any construction and has a "C" -shaped section. This is a strong and lightweight structural profile capable of withstanding high lateral loads, which was a great advantage in the construction of objects and structures that require increased strength, reliability and durability.

The steel channel bar is mainly used in any construction of industrial and residential buildings and structures, as the main supporting element of the building and for stiffening interfloor ceilings and roofs. During the reconstruction and restoration of the channel bar is installed to strengthen the old walls. The channel bar goes to massive advertising structures above the roads, hypermarket carcasses, to strengthen the structure and as a supporting structure for bridges, as well as in car building, mechanical engineering during the construction of machine tools, automobiles and other products. The channel bar is often used together with concrete structures, where the concrete withstands compressive stresses, the channel bar is bending.

In Russia, a hot-rolled channel bar is produced: Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant (NTMK), Severstal, Zap-Sib OAO (West-Siberian Metallurgical Plant), Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Plant imeni Petrovsky, OAO NKMK, OAO NOSTA, OAO KMZ, OAO Azovstal, OAO AMK, OAO Ural Steel.

The channel bar 8240 is made in the following ways: 1) by pressure under high temperature-hot rolling of the billet on the section mills; 2) cold bending method on profile bending mills; 3) by pressing (extrusion through a shaped point) - for the manufacture of channel bars of non-ferrous metals and alloys.


МеталлоторгChannel Bar Product Range

The channel bar dimensions , called the “channel number”, is indicated in the product marking by the number from 5 to 40, indicated in centimeters and is the height of the channel. flange width is from 32 to 115mm, wall thickness 4-15mm. The shape and dimensions of the channel bar are made with parallel edges of the flanges and with a slope of the inner edges of the flanges (have the appropriate marking П and У), as well as economical with parallel edges of the flanges (Э), light series with parallel edges of the flanges (Л) and special (C).


The hot-rolled steel channel bar is made from 2 to 12m in length:
-measured length,
-measured length with unmeasured in an amount of not more than 5% of the mass of the entire batch,
-multiple measured length,
-lengths, multiple dimensional with unmeasured in the amount of not more than 5% of the mass of the entire batch,
-unmeasured length,
limited length within measured length.
When calculating the weight of the batch, add 0.5% of the sum of the maximum deviations along the length of the channel bars in the batch to the footage of the channel bars of measured or multiple length.

Metallurgical plants in rolling steel channel bars mainly use 4 sizes: 6m, 9m, 11.7m and 12m. If the process fails during production of the dimensional channel bar (the temperature drops, the metal breaks, etc.), a channel bar of unmeasured length is obtained from 4 to 12 m, these residues are reported in packs of measured length in a ratio of at least 85% of the measured length and 15% of unmeasured. For the convenience of our customers, AO Metallotorg is ready to offer the desired channel bar length to reduce customer waste, and the unmeasured channel bar is sold cheaper than the measured one, which is more cost-effective for our customers.

Due to the simple technological process of production and savings on alloying materials, the channel bar is produced mainly for steel grade St3 ps / sp . The abbreviation after specifying the steel grade (ps / cn, cn) indicates the degree of deacidation: cn (quiet), ps (semi-calm), cn (boiling). To increase the strength of the product, the amount of carbon is increased and manganese is added, producing a channel bar of low-alloy steel. Low-alloy steel channel bar is used in constructions of critical purpose, as well as in the extreme regions of the north, where the temperature drops to -60 ° C - due to the manganese property to increase resistance to stress corrosion cracking and high and low temperatures.

The channel bar from semi-killed steel is often used in constructions with a more relaxed load, from a calm one - in constructions with a constant high load.

Main manufacturing standartds of channel bars are as follows:

  • GOST 8240-89 (GOST 8240-97) Hot-rolled steel channel bars
  • GOST 8278-83 Equal flange roll-formed channel bars
  • GOST 8281-80 Unequal flange roll-formed channel bars
  • GOST 19425-74 Special Steel Channels


Hot-rolled steel channel bar according to GOST 8240 89 (-97) have following types:

  • with a slope of the inner edge of the flanges : 5U, 6.5U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U, 20U, 22U, 24U, 27U, 30U, 33U, 36U, 40U (Fig. 1)


  • with parallel sides of flanges: 5P, 6.5P, 8P, 10P, 12P, 14P, 16P, 16aP, 18P, 18aP, 20P, 22P, 24P, 27P, 30P, 33P, 36P, 40P (fig.2)
  • ● economical with parallel edges of flanges (Э), light series with parallel edges of flanges ( Л) and special (C).

Sizes 33 and 36 exist in GOST, but now they are not made!

You can buy a channel bar of all manufactured types from warehouses of branches, four warehouses of the Moscow region or directly from the factory. We provide services for cutting, delivery and configuration of the channel bar order. Availability, range of channel bars and channel bar price you can look at the site. More detailed information on the price per meter or per sheet, specify the channel bar weight 1 meter and make the channel bar calculation, draw up an invoice and make a request, clarify payment options and request a certificate for the channel bar - you can contact the manager by contacting him

phone (8452) 57-00-18, 8-927-222-94-33, (495)232-21-68 доб* 6401 manager Ekaterina




Table of channel bars, size, mass of hot-rolled steel У channel bar (with inclined edges of the flanges) (GOST 8240-89, GOST 8240-97), weight of 1 meter of channel bar, the number of meters in ton


Table of channel bars, size, mass of hot-rolled steel П channel bar (with parallel edges of flanges) (GOST 8240-89, GOST 8240-97), weight of 1 meter of channel bar, number of meters per ton


Table of channel bars, size, weight of steel roll-formed equal-flange channel bar (GOST 8278-83), weight of 1 meter of channel bar, the number of meters in ton



Table of channel bars, size, weight of steel roll-formed unequal channel bar (GOST 8281-80), weight of 1 meter of channel bar, the number of meters per ton

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