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Welded mesh - prices updated 28.11.2018 to 8:59

Welded mesh is available in our various branches, you can choose the branch you need, the type and size of products and order online:

Presents the actual prices for metal. Welded mesh is available in our various branches, you can choose the branch you need, the type and size of products and order online. Attention Prices are subject to prepayment! There is a surcharge for a batch of less than 1 ton, more details from the manager.

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Welded mesh - техническая информация:

Welded mesh

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It is a welded wire mesh of BP-1 wire (wire mesh) and reinforcing bars ( wire mesh ) from 2.8 mm to 6 mm in diameter, welded in the factory. In rare cases, bars of corrugated reinforcement are used with a diameter of 10 mm.

Welded mesh production

The material used - the rods are superimposed perpendicular to each other, after which all the contact points are welded by spot welding. Welding is performed on contact point machines.

Manufacturers of welded mesh : OAO Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant, OOO PromsnabEL

Welded steel mesh is used in agriculture, industry and construction, in the construction of monolithic buildings, when laying pavements, to strengthen the brickwork and foundations, reinforcement of concrete structures. When constructing roads, using a welded mesh, the load on the coating increases, its quality and efficiency increases. Make skeletons of reinforcing mesh: greenhouse and greenhouse, welded mesh for cages for birds and animals. It is convenient to make a fence from a welded mesh from coils; for the manufacture of cages and sectional pens, welded mesh cards are used.

Welded metal mesh is different in:

- type of material used
- cell size - the size of the squares (cells) of the grid
- section - the thickness of the wire or reinforcement used
- map size - geometric dimensions of the grid - length, width in meters

Grids on the accuracy of the sizes produce: normal accuracy and high accuracy (P).

Depending on the thickness of the wire or reinforcement used, the grids are distinguished: heavy (the thickness of the rods used is equal to 12 mm or more) and light (with a thickness of lashes from 3 to 10 mm).

The welded mesh is made galvanized and non-galvanized. The advantage of welded coated mesh is its anti-corrosion property and the ability to use it more extensively in construction work.

The welded galvanized wire mesh in rolls or in cards - the mesh covered with a protective anticorrosive layer. Galvanizing is performed by hot dip galvanizing or electrolysis. Galvanized metal mesh by electrolysis have the best anti-corrosion properties. The grid is welded galvanized for cages , enclosures for animals and birds in agriculture, as a frame material for greenhouses. Usually use sizes: welded wire mesh galvanized 20x20 x2, welded mesh galvanized 10h10h1.4 , 24h24h2.0, 16h48h2.0 where the first two numbers - the size of the cells in the light, 2mm, 1.4mm - wire diameters.

Welded mesh for reinforcement of concrete structures according to TU 1275-01-96285311-2008

These specifications apply to the welded mesh of rebar wire steel grade BP-1 (according to GOST 6727-80 or TS, TU) with diameters of 2.8 - 5 mm and rebar steel grade A400 (GOST 5781-82), A400C, A500S and V500S with a diameter of 5.8 - 6 mm.

In terms of welding and control of geometrical parameters, TU was developed in accordance with GOST 8478-82, GOST 14098-91, GOST 10922-90 and RTM 393-94. According to TU 1275-01-96285311-2008, welded wire mesh is produced in maps , dimensions 380x2000 mm, 510x2000 mm, 1000x2000 mm, 2000x3000 mm, 2000x6000 mm, with square or rectangular cells, cell pitch 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm .

Depending on the diameter of the wire and reinforcement, the size of maps and cells, the metal reinforcing mesh is made of 3 types: masonry net - K, road - D, medium - C.

Сетка сварная

Table. Types of welded mesh. Welded Wire Mesh dimensions , diameter of wire used.

Grid type

Nominal diameter wire used

Grid map dimensions, mm

The distance between the longitudinal and transverse axes of the wire, the side of the cell - the pitch of the cell






2,8; 3,0; 3,8; 4,0

380; 510; 1000





3,0; 3,8; 4,0;4,8; 5,0


3000; 6000

100, 150, 200

100, 150, 200


5,8; 6,0


3000; 6000

100, 150, 200

100, 150, 200

Table. Welded reinforcing mesh for reinforced concrete structures and products according to TU 1276-281-36554501-09 and TU 1275-01-96285311-2008.
The mass of the reinforcing mesh (eg, reinforcing mesh 100x100 weight, weight of reinforcing mesh 50x50 )

Сварная сетка

Cell size Reinforcement mesh spacing

Weight sq. m. (kg)

Welded Wire Mesh 50 50x3


Reinforcement mesh 50x50x4


Welded Wire Mesh 100 100 h3


Reinforcing wire mesh100х100х4


Reinforcement mesh 100x100x5






Reinforcing mesh 150x150 x3х3










Reinforcing wire mesh 200x200 x4








GOST 23279-85 welded reinforcement mesh for reinforced concrete structures and products

Instead of GOST 23279-78. This standard applies to welded flat and rolled mesh, made of reinforcing steel with a diameter of 3 to 40 mm, with mutually perpendicular rods and intended for the reinforcement of prefabricated and monolithic structures and products. Used reinforcement mesh for the foundation and for laying .

Grid reinforcement GOST 23279-85 is made in cards and in rolls, with square and rectangular cells.

Depending on the diameter distinguish:

1) heavy grids (having rods with a diameter of 12 mm and more in one direction). Hot-rolled reinforced steel of steel grade a3 with a diameter of 12-40 mm and thermally reinforced steel of At-111C steel grade with a diameter of 12-18 mm are used as working reinforcement. It is allowed to use hot-rolled reinforcement of steel grade A2 and A1 with a diameter of 12-32 mm as working reinforcement. As distribution Rebar in heavy grids of type 1, reinforcement of steel grade A3 and At-111C with a diameter of 6-16 is used, in grids of type 3 - Rebarof steel grade A2 with a diameter of 10-16 mm and steel grade A1 with a diameter of 6-16 mm.

2) lightweight mesh (with longitudinal and transverse rods with a diameter of 3-10 mm). Light meshes are made of reinforcing wire of steel grade Bp-1 with a diameter of 3-5 mm, Hot-rolled reinforced steel of steel grade a3 and a1 with a diameter of 6-10 mm. It is allowed to use BP-1 wire with a diameter of 3-5 mm as a distribution wire.

Hot-rolled reinforced rod steel of steel grades А3, А2, А1 corresponds to GOST 5781, thermo-mechanically strengthened reinforced steel rod of At-111C steel grade is GOST 10884, BP1 wire is GOST 6727.

By the location of the working reinforcement mesh have following types:

- with working rebars in one direction and spreading beams in the other direction
- with working bars in both directions.

The welding of the reinforcing mesh is carried out on contact-point machines using conductors, ensuring the accuracy of the geometric dimensions. Single- and two-point welding machines are used stationary and suspended (for welding frames and heavy reinforcing flat mesh ).

Masonry metal mesh GOST 8478-81

Manufacture of masonry mesh . The masonry mesh is produced by welding from a wire with a diameter of 4 or 5 mm, located in perpendicular directions and welded at their intersections, has rectangular or square cells. Used equipment for the production of masonry grid - multi-electrode contact machine that allows to mechanize and automate the manufacturing process and the grid frame. For small amounts of work, one- and two-electrode machines are used; for welding heavy grids, assembling frames, and welding individual rods, suspended contact machines with welding tongs are used. Principle of masonry mesh welding : heating of the metal at the cross-sectional crossing, melting and precipitation of the rods using compression. The welding mode can be hard and soft; single and two-point machines are used. Galvanized and non- galvanized mesh can be made .

The masonry net is delivered in rolls . The weight of the masonry grid depends directly on the diameter of the wire from which the grid is made. Anticorrosion resistance is achieved by coating the grid with zinc or a special PVC coating.

Example notation: masonry mesh 50x50x4 , the first two numbers are the cell size, 4mm is the diameter of the wire from which the mesh is made.
The masonry grid is ideal in the process of pouring the foundation, which allows you to make the structure strong and stable, able to withstand heavy loads. It is also used for glass reinforcement, when laying cement and for plating pipelines.

Masonry mesh manufacturer : OOO "PromsnabEL".

Grid welded GOST 8478 is used for the reinforcement of prefabricated or monolithic reinforced concrete structures, the manufacture of agricultural cells, in construction, when laying cement, metal mesh for screed , for the reinforcement of pavements and plating of pipelines.
The welded masonry reinforcing grid TU 14-170-184-93 - is made from low-carbon wire with a diameter of 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm, comes in rolls and cards. Used for reinforcement of concrete structures.

Welded to buy mesh

With us you can buy galvanized welded mesh, reinforcement mesh to buy, buy masonry mesh of all branches produced from warehouses, warehouses of the Moscow region or directly from the factory. We provide services for cutting, delivery and assembly of metal mesh. Availability, range, cost of mesh, weight of masonry mesh , weight of reinforcing mesh, welded mesh weight, you can see on the website. More information on the welded mesh price, reinforcement mesh, masonry mesh price, galvanized welded mesh price, specify masonry mesh weight m2, masonry mesh dimensions, reinforcement mesh dimensions, calculate the quantity, draw up an invoice and place an order, clarify payment options and request certificate welded mesh, masonry certificate conformity, the certificate for the reinforcing mesh - you can at the manager, contacting him

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