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Riffled sheet - prices updated 28.11.2018 to 8:59

Riffled sheet is available in our various branches, you can choose the branch you need, the type and size of products and order online:

Presents the actual prices for metal. Riffled sheet is available in our various branches, you can choose the branch you need, the type and size of products and order online. Attention Prices are subject to prepayment! There is a surcharge for a batch of less than 1 ton, more details from the manager.

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Riffled sheet - техническая информация:

Riffled sheet

View price - Fluted sheet

Steel sheets with rhombic and lentil corrugation GOST 8568-77 - rolled sheets and rolls with one-sided rhombic and lentil corrugation.

Corrugated metal sheet is used in construction, as an anti-slip coating, on construction sites, in garages, industrial premises, for the construction of fences for yard and garden plots, apartments, balconies, windows. The steps of metal stairs, various containers are made of this rolled product, sometimes it is used as a decorative decoration in the manufacture of various structures, as vents for ventilation windows, and facing radiators. Corrugated sheet goes with the strengthening of walls and floors before plastering and on road routes for light-scattering fences.

Corrugated rolled products manufacturers: OAO Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant (NLMK), OAO Severstal, OAO Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant (MMK).

The sheet is made corrugated on the same mills as for hot-rolled steel, but the rolls on which the sheet is rolled are irregular in shape, they are painted, thus engraving on a smooth sheet. The result is a pattern with grooves, fluted. The height of the flute according to GOST should be at least 0, 5 mm and 20-30% of the thickness of the base of the sheet. GOST 8568 involves two types of corrugation: lentil and rhombic. Sheets with rhombic patterns are made with diagonal diamonds (25-30) x (60x70) mm. The configuration of the flute and the location of the diamonds on the surface of the sheet is determined by the manufacturer. Sheets with lentil corrugation are produced with a distance of 20, 25 or 30 mm between the grooves, the choice of the distance is set by the manufacturer.

Range of hot rolled corrugated sheet Corrugated sheets are made:

- from 600 to 2200 mm wide with a gradation of 50 mm
- from 1400 to 8000 mm long with a gradation of 50 mm

depending on the purpose ::

а) measured length
b) multiple measured length
c) measured length with a residue of not more than 10% of the mass of the lot. The remainder is considered to be sheets of length within the limits of unmeasured length, remaining when cutting into measured and multiple measured length.
g) of multiple measured length, with a residue of not more than 10% of the mass of the party
e) unmeasured length

The thickness of the sheets are distinguished:

- high accuracy 3/4 A
- normal accuracy 3/4 V

Corrugated sheets produce steel grades St0, St1, St2, St3 according to GOST 380-2005. In some cases, the production of sheet steel 09G2C is allowed. General requirements for thickness, cutting sheet, rolling accuracy must comply with GOST 19903 (hot rolled sheet).

Table. The mass of corrugated sheet with lentil and rhombic corrugation.

Base thickness sheet, S, mm

Base width flute, b, mm

Weight 1m2 sheet kg

Rhombic ribs


















Lentil corrugation





















Note. The thickness of the sheets is determined by the thickness of the base of the sheet, S, in mm. The steel density is taken to be equal to 7.85 g / cm3.

Example of marking corrugated sheet:

Sheet of Lentil B3 / 4K PU-3,0x1250x2500 st3sp GOST8568-77 - hot-rolled corrugated sheet with lenticular one-sided corrugation, 3mm sheet thickness, 1250 mm wide, 2500 mm long, of steel grade st3sp according to GOST 8568-77, normal thickness accuracy B3 / 4, improved flatness PU, with a rolled edge K.

Buy steel sheet corrugated

With us you can buy metal corrugated sheet of all types produced from warehouses of branches, warehouses of the Moscow region or directly from the factory. We provide services for cutting, delivery and completion of the sheet. The presence, dimensions of the folded sheet, the sheet price per ton can be found on the website. Check the price of the corrugated sheet per piece, the weight of the sheet, make the calculation of the quantity, draw up an invoice and make a request, clarify payment options and request a certificate for the corrugated sheet - please contact the manager by contacting him on the phone

(8452) 57-00-18, e-mail: korneev@metallotorg.ru

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