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Rebar At800 - prices updated 28.11.2018 to 8:59

Rebar At800 is available in our various branches, you can choose the branch you need, the type and size of products and order online:

Presents the actual prices for metal. Rebar At800 is available in our various branches, you can choose the branch you need, the type and size of products and order online. Attention Prices are subject to prepayment! There is a surcharge for a batch of less than 1 ton, more details from the manager.

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Product Name Size Length Other Weight
1 PC/kg.
On stock
1 PC
1 - 5 tons
Price от
5 - 15 tons
> 15 tons
Rebar А500С 10mm. (6м) в прутках 3.702 0.01 191.02 41600 41300 41000 Rostov-on-Don
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.322 5.83 363.17 42600 42300 42000 Novocherkassk
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.394 78.96 400.04 44100 43800 43500 Orel
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.619 0.06 366.47 43100 42800 42500 Orenburg
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.488 40.85 401.36 43600 43300 43000 Penza
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.453 1.81 403.20 44100 43800 43500 St. Petersburg
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.483 78.03 393.62 42600 42300 42000 Pyatigorsk
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.219 188.65 379.71 42600 42300 42000 Rostov-on-Don
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.219 0.09 368.89 44100 43800 43500 Ryazan
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.543 0.21 404.30 43600 43300 43000 Samara
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.700 48.45 412.71 43600 43300 43000 Saransk
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.566 208.24 397.99 42600 42300 42000 Stavropol
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.510 99.32 368.75 44100 43800 43500 Stary Oskol
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.219 4.22 365.28 43600 43300 43000 Sizran
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.219 0.26 371.05 44400 44100 43800 Tver
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.435 410.76 391.10 42600 42300 42000 Krasnodar-North
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.400 104.60 400.35 44100 43800 43500 Tula
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.500 543.31 405.73 44100 43800 43500 Elektrougli
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.839 41.47 420.17 43600 43300 43000 Ulyanovsk
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Rebar А500С 10mm. (11,7м) 7.453 3.66 377.12 43600 43300 43000 Cheboksary
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Rebar At800 - техническая информация:

Rebar At800 GOST 10884-94

View price - Structural Rebar

Rebar At800 — strength steel grade of thermo-mechanically hardened reinforced steel, manufactured according to GOST 10884-94.

This standard applies to thermo-mechanically hardened reinforcing steel with a smooth and periodic section with diameters from 6 to 40 mm, intended for reinforcement of concrete structures. It is a steel with a round section with two longitudinal ribs or without them and with transverse crescent-shaped projections located at an angle to the longitudinal axis of the rod, not intersecting with longitudinal ribs and running along a helix having different directions on the sides of the profile.

thermo-mechanically reinforced rebar has following types:

1. Depending on the operational characteristics:

- weldable - index C
- resistant against corrosion cracking - index K

2. By strength steel grade (the established standard of the normalized value of the conditional or physical yield strength):

- At400S
- At500C
- AT600K
- AT800
- Ат800К
- Ат1000
- Ат1000К
- At1200

The letter "t" means thermo-mechanical hardening.

In coordination with the consumer, At800 steel grade and above reinforcing steel is made smooth.

Reinforced thermo-mechanically hardened steel is made of carbon and low alloy steel. Weldability and anti-corrosion property is provided by: chemical composition - an increase in the content of silicon, carbon, manganese; and manufacturing technology. The nominal diameters of the reinforcing steel of a periodic section correspond to the nominal diameters of equal size in the cross-sectional area of the smooth reinforcing steel. Nominal diameters, cross-sectional area, linear density (mass of 1 meter of the rod), maximum deviations in mass and dimensions, ovality and curvature of bars correspond to GOST 5781.

СRebar of the At800 steel grade can be made with a smooth and corrugated surface. Steel rebar At800 is produced by hot rolling with subsequent thermomechanical hardening. It is made of low alloyed steel grades:

20GS, 28С, 20ГС2, 08Г2С, 10ГС2, 25Г2С, 22С - diameters from 10 mm to 32 mm;
- 35ГС, 25С2Р, 20ГС2 - diameters from 18 mm to 32 mm, where the letter "c" means the presence of silicon in the chemical composition, the letter "г" - manganese, "p" - boron; the number before the letter is the percentage of one or another element in the alloy.

According to GOST 10884, At800 Rebar can be supplied in bars of measuring length from 5, 3 m to 13, 5 m, when agreed with the consumer up to 26 m. The main range of products supplied by AO Metallotorg is steel grade At800: rods length 6.7m; 7.6 m; 10 m or 11.7 m.

Rebar At800 has good characteristics: plasticity, viscosity, strength, therefore, this particular strength steel grade is used for the construction of stable structures subjected to constant dynamic loads during operation. At800 is used in the construction of various concrete structures, in the automotive industry, for the manufacture of special equipment and for furniture Rebar. When using thermo-mechanically rebar for the reinforcement of concrete buildings, the likelihood of inclined or longitudinal cracks in concrete joints is reduced, and the tensile stress acting on the concrete and the entire structure almost completely disappears. Rebars a3 and At 800 are interchangeable and can be used for the reinforcement of structures of the 1st and 2nd category of operation, estimated by the degree of aggressive environmental influences. But it should be taken into account that these steel grades belong to different strength groups and are applied with limitations due to the different degree of danger of their corrosion damage.

thermo-mechanically strengthened reinforcing steel is produced: OAO Moldavian Metallurgical Plant, OOO Trading House BMZ (sales representative of The Belarussian Metallurgy Plant BMZ).

To buy Rebar At800

You can buy all types of rebars from us from the warehouses of branches, warehouses of the Moscow region or directly from the factory. We provide services for cutting, delivery and assembly of Rebar. Availability, range, weight of rebars you can see on the website. For more information on the cost per meter, specify the weight of the piece and calculate the quantity, draw up an invoice and make a request, clarify payment options and request a certificate for the metal received - please contact the manager by contacting him by phone: (8452) 57-00-18, e-mail:

(8452) 57-00-18,  e-mail:

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