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Металлобаза ВоронежVoronezh is a large industrial and cultural administrative center located on both banks of the Voronezh River. The city is the birthplace of the Russian Navy and the Soviet airborne assault. Rocket engines were created here to launch the spacecraft Vostok with the first cosmonaut Yu.A. Gagarin. For the first time in the world in Voronezh, mass production of a passenger plane Tu-144 and Soviet Il-86 was launched. The production of a crank hotforming press was established for the first time at the Tyazhmehpress plant. Voronezh received the honorary title of the Russian Federation in 2008 for courage and heroism shown by the city’s defenders for freedom and independence. "Cities of Military Glory". In 2012 Voronezh has become a city of a millionaire in number.

In order to completely cover the city’s need for metal, we need a large metal trading company. AO Metallotorg has established itself as a reliable supplier of rolled products in Russia, providing metal to both major builders and factories, as well as individuals. In Voronezh, the steel and metal warehouse opened on February 24, 1999. It was located then on the right bank of the reservoir on the territory of the “Excavator Plant”. Then it was decided to build its own warehouse, and in January 2001 the warehouse moved to the left bank of the reservoir, the office was located 18km from the office, which was extremely inconvenient for our company in getting a connection between the office and the warehouse, or working with other steel and metal warehouses, or the client at registration of documents. In January 2001 the office moved to the warehouse, to the territory of the former OAO Voronezhvodkomplekt, which ensured the best operational efficiency. Managers in the office can issue an invoice for cash and cashless payments, find out the cost of metal.

The warehouse is located in Voronezh at: passage Montazhny, 22B. The branch has convenient access both from the city center and from the Moscow-Rostov-Kursk-Voronezh junction along the M-4 highway. From the junction, you need to go to Kursk and after 500 meters turn right after refueling.

The availability of rolled-stock in the warehouse on-line can be viewed on the website of AO Metallotorg or clarified with the managers, the range of metal is constantly updated and can be supplied on request from our other warehouses. Managers of the company will help in the selection of metal, offer favorable prices for both wholesale and retail customers. Voronezh warehouse can offer the following range:

- the rebars are smooth and corrugated (А500С, St25G2S, St3) in bars and coils; rebars At800 (thermally treated) 14mm and 16mm, and a length of 6,7m 9,4m;
- beam tvutavrovaya GOST 8239, GOST 19425, STO ASChM 20-93, height from 100mm to 600mm, also st09G2S;
- steel round bars st20, st35, st45 calibrated: from 20 to 40mm; round bars 09G2S: 24mm-120mm, round bars st20, st3, st35, st45 and st40X, diameters from 12mm to 300mm;
- galvanized sheet: 0.55-3.0mm;
- cold-rolled steel sheet st08ps and st08yu: 0.5-3.0mm;
- sheet hot-rolled smooth st3, st2, st20 and st09G2S: 1.5 - 80mm;
- sheet with a lentil corrugation: thickness 3.0 - 8.0 mm;
- steel strip25 * 4 - 120 * 8;
- metal square 10 - 50 mm;
- Annealed wire 1.2mm thick;
- mesh weldedwith a cell 50 * 50mm, wire thickness 3mm;
- a profile pipe and a steel shaped closed welded profile with a dimension of 15 * 15 * 1.5 - 200 * 200 * 8, st3 and st09G2S;
- round pipe seamless, water and gas и electric welding, diameters ranging from 15mm (inner diameter) to 219mm (with outside);
- angle bar: 25 * 25 * 3 - 200 * 200 * 20;
- channel, 65 mm high - 300 mm; shaped channel: 60 * 32 * 2.5 - 200 * 80 * 6;
- hexagonal bar on st20, st35: 14 - 65mm.

In a warehouse in Voronezh, you can use the following services: metal cutting, packing, rolled-stock processing, cutting of sheets with guillotine, straightening of rebar bars, delivery on both banks of Voronezh, as well as neighboring regions.

Металлобаза Воронеж Металлобаза Воронеж Металлобаза Воронеж Металлобаза ВоронежМеталлобаза Воронеж