Portal Plasma Cutting of Sheet Metal with a thickness up to 40 mm

Plasma cutting is a process of local melting of a metal by an accelerated jet of hot plasma flow.

Unlike gas separation techniques, plasma cutting provides higher efficiency than other metal cutting methods.

The advantages of plasma cutting are:
Ц accuracy and high quality of cut;
Ц the minimum width of the cut;
Ц clean, no overlapping, melting or dross of the edges, do not require additional processing;
Ц the minimum metal heating zone in the area of the cut (therefore, the thermal deformations of the cut parts are insignificant, even if they are of small thickness).

Plasma cutting is one of the most highly efficient and low-cost methods of heat treatment of metal sheets.

Plasma metal cutting is the most effective and low-cost method of heat treatment of rolled stock. The method of cutting is carried out by local melting of the metal with a plasma jet, in which an electric high-speed compressed arc is formed between the nozzle of the torch and the material being cut

Plasma cutter operation principle

The nozzle has a narrow channel, the reservoir of the plasma torch contains a material that absorbs moisture, it also helps the working fluid to move in the heater. As a result, a negative charge is formed at the cathode (electrode) inside the plasma torch. The role of the positive anode charge is the metal being cut. An electric arc occures. The steam passes through this channel under pressure, the arc is cooled. After exposure to electricity from the nozzle of the plasma torch an ionized gas comes out. Charged gas particles are formed into a plasma stream and blown out by a nozzle. The temperature of the plasma, which cuts the metal, is 5000-30000 degrees. Heat from a compressed electric arc melts the metal, and the plasma completely blows it out. The gases used during such cutting can be active (air, oxygen) and inactive - hydrogen, argon, nitrogen. Active gas is used for the processing of ferrous metals.

Advantages of plasma cutting:

  • Ч cut accuracy (up to +/- 0.25 mm), high quality of cut, clean edges are formed, without deformation, sagging, melting, no additional processing required, dross at the edges of the cut is easily removed,
  • Ч plasma cutting is faster and more efficient than gas cutting,
  • Ч a layer of paint, oil or rust does not affect the quality of the cut,
  • Ч metal does not need to be preheated,
  • Ч the minimum width of the cut;
  • Ч it is possible to make parts of any geometric shape,
  • Ч the heating zone of the metal in the cut is much smaller than when using autogenous gas cutter, therefore the thermal deformations of the cut parts are insignificant; thermal effect on the metal is not more than 1-2 mm deep,
  • Ч the ability to handle wide sheets at an angle, unlike laser cutting,
  • Ч the place of the cut plasma cools much faster than with other methods of cutting,
  • Ч sheets can be welded immediately after plasma cutting,
  • Ч sustainability - a minimum amount of harmful substances is emitted into the air,
  • Ч work safety, since explosive gas cylinders are not used.

Disadvantages of plasma cutting:

  1. cutting sheet metal up to 40 mm thick,
  2. some inclination tilt of the cut surface - 3-10 degrees,
  3. fusion of edges when cutting nonferrous metal,
  4. the unit is very noisy due to the high gas flow rate,
  5. one can not attach the cutters for manual metal processing
  6. 6. plasma cutting machine can be dangerous for a person, if you do not follow all safety regulations, it is associated with heated molten metal and high voltage.

AO Metallotorg offers a portal plasma cutting service in warehouses in Lobnya, Elektrougli (Moscow region), Rostov-on-Don, at the Novotitarovskaya and in Ulyanovsk branches. Due to the temperature of several tens of degrees, plasma cutting is feasible for any metals and steel, including stainless and high-alloy steel, non-ferrous metals, titanium and its alloy, etc. A small surface roughness remains when cutting a stainless steel, which is easily removed by grinding finish. Getting round blanks made of stainless steel with the help of plasma is more cost-effective and more efficient than getting the blanks from a circle using a band saw machine. Plasma cutting is mainly used in the construction of critical structures, bridges, crane structures and high-rise buildings. Plasma cutting allows you to perform workpieces for complex metal structures, such as washers, foundation pits or embedded parts. The accuracy and high performance of the plasma cutter provides it with an advantage over other methods of rolled stock processing. Our managers can calculate the cost of plasma metal cutting for you. Cutting services and rolled stock order are to be paid in advance. For the customer's convenience, metal picking is carried out for the date of arrival of the customer. You can move the cut metal from the warehouses of another region.

Ordering rolled-stock products from us, you get a high-quality product, fast cutting in size and delivery.